Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors is a group of dedicated volunteers who provide essential oversight and guidance to the Transitions for Life organization.  Through this body, we are able to create new avenues of relationships, sources of funding, and access to essential services.

As a whole, their collective abilities, licenses, certifications, and qualifications are consistently leveraged on behalf of Transitions for Life and strengthen our ability to build programs that are solution focused and essential to the community.

As a result, over the years they have garnered many partners and collaborators to the mission of ending homelessness. As they push on, we celebrate these loyal and dedicated volunteers to the cause and we rest assured they will continue the great work of building programs that provide solutions to end homelessness.


Sheoni Givens, President

816-410-9252 x704

Ossco Bolton,                  Vice-President

816-410-9252 x715

Patricia Flucas,              Treasurer

816-410-9252 x709

Cecelia Thornton,     Secretary

816-410-9252 x712


Kim Staley,             Director

816-410-9252 x713

Billee Runnels-Potts,    Director

816-410-9252 x708

Deborah Gaskin,            Director

816-410-9252 x714

Leona Dixon,         Director

816-410-9252 x707

Haywood Parker,  Director

816-410-9252 x716

Want to be a Board Member?

As you may be aware, Kansas City has an overwhelming population of individuals who are affected by homelessness, mental health issues, drug abuse, lack of food and myriad of social and economic issues in the community.

For many years, we have seen many programs come and go.  We have watched as new organizations sought to change the socioeconomic climate with little success or impact.  For the few yeasr, we have been building our organization to focus on homelessness and its’ contributing factors.

We are always looking for new board members. If you would consider being nominated, here is some information that may be helpful:

  1. Terms – Serve entire term (2 years)
  2. Meetings – Attend meetings regularly
  3. Meetings – Participate in strategic planning efforts and bylaw ratification
  4. Support – Make an individual financial contribution annually to the organization
  5. Provide leadership, wisdom, and creativity for the formulation of policy, progress, and practices that contribute to a new climate for Kansas City constituents.

Individuals are considered for nomination because of personal skills, interest, and leadership as an individual and not as a representative of a company or organization.

We are very excited about the opportunities ahead for Transitions for Life Foundation and we know that you would be invaluable.

-Sheoni Givens, President