The Phoenix Program




The Phoenix Program was created to assist women being released from prison with re-entry back into the community.  While there are many programs currently in operation for men, women have few options and resources to assist in their transitions.

Who Qualifies?

Any female who is currently incarcerated in a Missouri or Kansas prison and is expected to be released within six-months qualifies for this program.  This individual must have a pre-release questionnaire on-file and provide all requested and required documents prior to acceptance.  Sex offenders may apply for the program, but may be denied based on availability of transitional housing units and proximity to schools, daycares, and other restricted areas.



Services Provided

  • Safe and sanitary housing
  • Job Placement Services
  • Vocational/Technical training referrals
  • Re-Entry Services provided through partners
  • Housing Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Familial Assistance
  • Hygiene Products
  • Treatment Services

How to Apply

There are several preliminary steps prior to acceptance into the Phoenix Program.  The following steps are REQUIRED:

  1. Probation/Parole Officer must provide a completed pre-release form.
  2. After review, the inmate will provide a completed application.
  3. Once the application is approved, Transitions for Life will send an approval letter.
  4. Upon receipt of the approval letter, the inmate will provide the remaining intake forms for the case file.
  5. Once intake forms are received, a location is assigned and forwarded to the probation/parole officer.


On the day an inmate is released and officially becomes a participant in the Phoenix Program, a staff member will meet them at the designated location and assist with move-in