Youth Housing Program


Public school data reported to the U.S. Department of Education during the 2016-2017 school year shows that an estimated 32,133 public school students experienced homelessness over the course of the year.

Of the 32,133 public school students who are homeless, 578 are unsheltered.

In 2018,  2,827 unaccompanied youth were in shelters.


Transitions for Life Foundation youth programs include extensive programs for youth ages 16-24.  Created to assist young people navigate to their future, by providing a stable place of residence, T4LF utilizes its' youth housing program to support the needs of homeless youth.

This program is focused on preparing young people for adulthood, completing their educational path, preparing them for the workforce, teaching them about money and finance, and get them ready to live independently.  But it all starts with housing.

Milestone 1: Introductory 

  1. Completion of Intake and Placement
  2. Intake Assessment
  3. Strength Assessment
  4. Development of Individualized Care Plan
  5. Case Management Implementation (In-house or outsourced)
  6. Enrollment in Educational Institution (HS, GED Program, Training, Secondary ED, or Trade)


Milestone 2: Self-Care

  1. Mental Health Awareness
  2. Character Development
  3. Life Skill Development


Milestone 3: 

  1. Education Readiness
  2. Job/ Career Readiness (Applying for Jobs)


Milestone 4:  Independent Preparation

  1. Financial Literacy
  2. Community Relations


Milestone 5: Transitioning Phase 

  1. Introduction to permanent residency/ Housing
  2. Seeking permanent residency/ Housing


Milestone 6:

Obtaining permanent Residency