T4L Youth Board (TYB)

T4L Youth Board (TYB)


Our youth board is a group of young people who assist in our youth housing program to advise, volunteer, and assist with challenges young people face. It is a peer to peer concept that allows insight into how to best meet the needs of young people facing challenges due to homelessness.

Each member of the youth board will work to create and identify resources for youth in the community.  As a 501c3 organization, time involved with the board also constitutes volunteer work and time that is  crucial for those entering careers in social work, mental health, and substance abuse.  We also work with the A+ program for those who want to intern during the summer months.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of the youth board, please contact our Youth Board  Chairwoman Ayanna Banks at 816-410-9252 x705.


  1. Youth board members must be between the ages of 14-26.
  2. Board member must reside in the Metropolitan Kansas City, MO area.
  3. Board member must complete a minimum of 100 community service hours. Community service hours constitutes events, board meetings, conference calls, community meetings, clean ups, and fundraising events.
  4. All youth board members must attend 50% of the youth board meetings.
  5. If you’re still in school, you must earn a C average.
  6. Must have privacy settings on all social media or have separate account for business purposes.
  7. Youth board members must sign a liability waiver for all events.



T4L Youth Board of Directors

Ayanna Banks, President

Open Position, Vice-President

Bobi Jenkins, Treasurer

Open Position, Secretary

Thomas Clay II, Director

Deja Davis, Director

Next Steps...

Join our Youth Board and become leaders for tomorrow's youth today!


Ayanna Banks, T4L Youth Board President

Companies represented in the Business Consortium will engage in assisting with providing employment services for youth.  Partnerships within the community are important in order to develop relationships with constituents, patrons, and potential employees and it also provides connection to the community which helps to fight crime and violence that plague many of our neighborhoods.

Take a chance on our youth!  Be the engineer to promising futures by making the commitment now. For more information, please contact the Transitions for Life office located at 800 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO  64111 or contact the T4L Youth Board President at 816-410-9252 x705.

A Letter from the President

Hello my name is Ayanna Banks, and I am the Transitions for Life Foundation T4L Youth Board President. Transitions for Life Foundation is a 501c3 organization located in Kansas City, MO. Our youth board is a group of young people who help other young adults in peer-to-peer programs within the metro area.  One of our initiatives, is to create a consortium of business owners who are willing to take a chance on the younger population of the workforce and provide employment opportunities for youth beginning as early as the age of 14-years old.

As we grow our organization, we hope to partner with your company in offering teens in the area, open positions within your company. Partnering with your company will give us the opportunity to help teens around the metro area as well as giving them job experience.  Our programs work with young people within households who experience homelessness, unemployment, and transportation issues.  These individuals tend to become wage earners early in their life and are looking for ways to help their family.  We would like your company to participate in our consortium to provide those opportunities.

We know that you may currently have a policy that prohibits hiring of individuals younger than sixteen, but we are simply asking that you provide at least 2 positions dedicated to this age group.  The appropriate forms are on file here in our office for parent approval and State of Missouri requirements governing laws for employment of minors.

As we start to work with your company, we hope to build a stronger relationship with the understanding these young adults will still be in school. We will assist in finding the right schedule for each worker.

I would like to set up a meeting so that we could sit down in person and/ or talk over the phone.   At your earliest convenience, please give me a call at 816-410-9252 x705.

Thank you so much for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you.