Our mission is to provide safe and stable housing for homeless individuals while providing supportive services that eliminate the factors contributing to homelessness.”


We provide clean, safe, and sanitary housing to homeless youth, veterans, ex-offenders, and individuals in search of a better life.

Case Management

Our case managers provide support and guidance and are key factors in connecting our participants with necessary resources to improve their lives.

Food Services

Food service is provided to individuals with approved funding.  Breakfast and dinner are provided for those who are approved.

Since 1993

"Everyone Deserves to Live with Dignity"

Transitions for Life began with the idea that no one should ever be without a home.  Our intent is to provide temporary housing in a way that supports the whole person and gives them the  space to grow and gain strength to eventually live independently.

Our hope is that everyone who participates in our program will get the opportunity to start over and regain confidence in themselves.  It is when opportunity meets the desire that changes happen.  We will provide the opportunity, you must provide the desire.  Together, we can change where you are to where you want to be for yourself.


Next Steps...

If you know someone you know needs our help, let them know we are here and ready to get them on the path to self-sufficiency.

Call us at 816-410-9252 for more information.