Our Approach

Our approach to housing is to provide a comfortable and clean environment to assist in recovering life before homelessness.  We decided that our homes would not be clinical or make people feel herded into a cramped location.  Instead, we have homes that  provide space and privacy for individuals struggling to get back on their feet.

Every program is different, but our program seeks to be the standard bearer for how transitional living homes should operate and how to treat individuals with care and concern.

Current Locations

2640 Victor

3312 Agnes

3314 Agnes

5908 E. 100th St.

Our Story

Transitions for life Foundation, a 501C3 organization, began its' journey as an idea.  An idea built on the premise that "everyone deserves to live with dignity".  Its' Founders, Jeffrey Harris and Sheoni Givens agreed that more needed to be done to help people who had become homeless, and for the most part, for reasons that were simply out of their control.

Both Jeffrey and Sheoni knew there was a better way to provide transitional living that would allow people to reinvent themselves and build themselves and all that was needed was an opportunity and a second chance.

They decided to provide that opportunity.  With a combined experience of over 40 years in group home management and housing, they started Transitions For Life simply to provide programs that would develop the whole person.

Whether the challenge is drug abuse, mental health, or even domestic violence, anyone who needs help and wants to change their life can participate in the programs offered.


Transitions for Life Foundation

Meet the Team

Our Board Members are an instrumental part of our organization.  With their dedication our organization continues to grow and create more opportunities for people in our community.  Each one brings a wealth of expertise to the organization that we utilize to bolster our programs.


Betti Givens, Executive Director


Sheoni Givens, President

Cecelia Thornton, Secretary

Deborah Gaskin, Director

Ossco Bolton, Vice-President

Adrian Bruce, Director

Kim Staley, Director

Patricia Flucas, Treasurer

Haywood Parker, Director

Leona Dixon, Director


Jeffrey Harris, Co-Owner

Dorothy Walker, Office Manager

Sheoni Givens, Co-Owner

Meka Cayce, Acquisitions Director

Cielo Dilauro, Exec. Asst. & Marketing

Luther Walker, Project Manager


Ayanna Banks, President

Ashley Richardson,Vice-President

Bobi Jenkins, Treasurer

Jazmyn Chalmers, Secretary

Thomas Clay II, Director

Deja Davis, Director

Next Steps...

If you know someone who needs our help, call us Now!  You can reach us at 816-410-9252.