Transitional living single family homes for homeless individuals.  We provide housing for adult male and female individuals and youth ages 16-24. We also provide re-entry housing services.

Supportive Services

On-staff and agency caseworkers assist in scheduling, transportation, education, employment, counseling, and a host of other services while participating in the program.  Case workers match community services with each participant.

Food Services

Each individual home provides breakfast and dinner to the residents with approved funding.

Are you a woman who is currently incarcerated?  Click here for more information about our Phoenix Program.


Recovery & Support

Some of our participants struggle with addiction and drug and alcohol abuse.  We understand these challenges make it difficult to maintain employment or to maintain a stable living environment.  Our weekly meetings are meant to support sobriety and to empower participants to re-commit to themselves and their families.

Mental Health

Staff caseworkers and agency caseworkers work together to ensure participants are provided the right support for mental health issues.  These issues range in severity, but are addressed through outside agencies and partnerships.

mental health