Youth Housing

Our youth housing program focuses on youth ages 16-24.  As one of the most vulnerable populations in our community, youth homelessness affects us all.  When youth have no home, their future becomes unclear.

We know the challenges and we know that in order to stabilize young people, we must first give them a home where they can sleep, do homework and study, and prepare for their day of classes. Through our programs, we work to provide a new picture of the future and a chance to change a life at a point where support is crucial.

Our staff and organizers work hand -in-hand with our schools to assist in increasing access to education and vocational training.

Our mentors and tutors work with our youth participants to assist in re connection with family and high school graduation.  They stay with them to guide, and support, and keep participants on their chosen path.

Youth Board


Our youth board is a group of young people who assist in our youth housing program to advise, volunteer, and assist with challenges young people face. It is a peer to peer concept that allows insight into how to best meet the needs of young people facing challenges due to homelessness.

Each member of the youth board will work to create and identify resources for youth in the community.  As a 501c3 organization, time involved with the board also constitutes volunteer work and time that is  crucial for those entering careers in social work, mental health, and substance abuse.  We also work with the A+ program for those who want to intern during the summer months.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of the youth board, please contact our Youth Board  Chairwoman Ayanna Banks at 816-410-9252 x705.

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Young adults are subject to many social pressures.  Through our mentors, our youth are given opportunities they need to obtain skills and handle mounting social pressures.


Our tutoring programs assist our young adults to master academic skills, increase grades, and obtain higher test scores.  Their assistance is invaluable in providing our youth with needed support toward their educational attainment goals.


Transitions for Life counseling programs provide trained counselors for support, and when necessary, intervention.  These counselors work to navigate our youth through many of life’s barriers and challenges.

Case Management

Our case managers facilitate the achievement of our client's wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, and service facilitation.  We collaborate with service providers, and connect clients with appropriate providers and resources while ensuring the care provided is safe, effective, client-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.

How to Get started

For admission to the youth program, please download our forms and submit them to

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 816-569-1233 or stop by our office at 800 Westport Rd. Kansas City, MO 64111.

Youth Intake Form

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How can you help?

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