T4L Youth Board (TYB)


Our youth board is a group of young people who assist in our youth housing program to advise, volunteer, and assist with challenges young people face. It is a peer to peer concept that allows insight into how to best meet the needs of young people facing challenges due to homelessness.

Each member of the youth board will work to create and identify resources for youth in the community.  As a 501c3 organization, time involved with the board also constitutes volunteer work and time that is  crucial for those entering careers in social work, mental health, and substance abuse.  We also work with the A+ program for those who want to intern during the summer months.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of the youth board, please contact our Youth Board  Chairwoman Ayanna Banks at 816-410-9252 x705.


Next Steps...

Join our Youth Board and become leaders for tomorrow's youth today!